Automotive spare parts by On Board Courier to Detroit, USA

When saving time and security are priority, our On Board Courier services offer the best possible logistic solutions. In this case, one of our customers requested a shipment for a car factory in Detroit, USA.

While there were some regular airfreight options available, our customer chose for the fastest and safest option to get the desired parts to the factory in Detroit. Also, the customer wanted to have the shipment delivered at a very specific time. We can make sure that a shipment will be delivered at the exact desired time.

12 boxes (11kg each, 132kg in total) had to be shipped to Detroit. Having the shipment supervised by one of our couriers throughout the journey, was a decisive factor for our customer in this case.

Efficiency and thinking along
Creating efficiency and thinking along are one of our key activities while operating a shipment like this. We provided a full-service solution based on the needs of our customer. From picking up the shipment in Germany, to providing the custom clearance in the USA and operating the last mile by car in Detroit.

With 3 direct flights every day from Amsterdam to Detroit, it was faster and more cost-efficient to drive the shipment from Germany to AMS Airport.

The operation
At our warehouse, located right next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we managed to repack the 12 boxes in such a way that it was possible to check them in as just 6 pieces of checked baggage.

After checking in the shipment as odd size, the courier made sure with the ground crew that the pieces were on board when boarding started. Having arranged the custom clearance in the USA before boarding the flight, we were all set to go.

Arriving at DTW Airport, our courier picked up the shipment from the band and handled the custom clearance formalities in the USA. He went to his rental car immediately to operate the last mile. In the mean time, we make sure that the customer is updated about every step in the process via our 24/7 live Track & Trace system.

The shipment was delivered on the exact desired time. Our customer told us after that he had never experienced a service like this. One for in the books!

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