Documents by On Board Courier from Amsterdam to Wall Street, New York City.

Mostly, our On Board Courier services are being used for very time-sensitive, urgent shipments. But sometimes, our partners choose for an On Board Courier service to be able to match customer needs as exactly as possible. These kinds of shipments come with urgency as well, but safety and constant supervision are most important in these cases.

Constant supervision
In this case, we received the request of delivering special documents for the banking sector in New York City, USA. As documents can be hand carried by our experienced couriers, we can make sure that the shipment is constantly in sight and supervised. In that way, we can forecast very secure delivery times, which was needed in this case.

Exact deadlines
The document had to be delivered the next day at exactly 9:00 AM, local time. Not one minute earlier, not one minute later. Our On Board Courier services make it possible to meet those exact deadlines due to the constant supervision of the shipment by our experienced couriers.

Transit times
Due to very good connectivity between AMS Airport and JFK Airport, one of our experienced couriers was able to be on board of a flight to JFK Airport just hours after receiving the request. Going back in time (6 hours time difference), our courier landed perfectly on time to be able to deliver the next morning.

As mentioned, our courier made sure that he was exactly at 9:00 AM at the delivery address to handover the documents. The end customer appreciated the service enormously and our courier was lucky enough to be able to enjoy some great views of New York City before returning to Amsterdam.

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