Time-critical shipment from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv, Israël

Thinking along in solutions is most important in operating time-critical shipments. One of our partners had the challenge of getting 140 kilograms of Oil & Gas spare parts from Amsterdam (NL) to Tel Aviv (ISR) as quickly as possible.

In this case, the customer had a very time-critical shipment. Air freight options were either scarce or fully booked. Due to travel restrictions, On Board Courier solutions were challenging. Despite these challenges, our operations team went all-in to get this shipment to Tel Aviv as good and fast as possible.

The solution? An On Board Courier on a KLM flight with additional booked luggage, to carry 140 kilograms in the hold of the aircraft. MYOBC had an experienced courier ready to be at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport within short notice. Our team always makes sure that everyone involved always has the right documents, entry requirements and custom requirements.

The shipment was delivered to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in eight different boxes, in a very short time. After the shipment was received, it had to be repacked to meet the airline’s conditions. Our operations team rushed to repack the eight boxes. After the repacking, our courier sealed the shipment at the airport to make sure it would arrive in the best possible conditions.

Time-critical shipment from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv - MYOB.

After all eight boxes were repacked, our courier made sure the shipment was checked in with the airline with the highest possible priority. Before boarding, we always make sure we have confirmation that the goods are on board. Throughout the process, we keep our partners and customers up-to-date with the status of the shipment.

Finally, after arriving in Tel Aviv, our On Board Courier was able to deliver the shipment successfully. Customs clearance was arranged through strong cooperation with our customer and our worldwide network. The end result was a happy customer and a same-day delivery from Amsterdam (NL) to Tel Aviv (ISR).

Think fast, move faster!

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