Urgent On Board Courier Delivery for a Power Plant in Alaska, United States

MYOBC delivers urgent spare parts on time to avoid a possible shutdown of a Power Plant in Alaska, United States.

Recently our team received a challenging request to deliver urgent spare parts for a power plant in need ASAP to Alaska, USA by On Board Courier. The power plant in question needed these specific spare parts urgently to prevent a possible shutdown of power.

The request was very challenging for our operations team, due to the various sizes and weight of some specific parts of this shipment and the extreme weather conditions at that time. Snowstorms affected the air traffic heavily in the western part of the United States.

Urgent Ship Spares delivery to Alaska USA while snowstorms were affecting air traffic.

As the courier was on his way to his transit airport, our operations team got noticed that some of the flights to Alaska were cancelled already. Nevertheless, our operations team managed to get the entire shipment on board the scheduled flights. This is through close and direct communication with the airlines and by repacking the shipment, in special packaging material to avoid any form of damage.

The courier made it to Alaska in time and the result was a very happy customer and a continued supply chain. The provided solution prevented the customer from major financial and operational consequences. The courier celebrated New Years Eve on his flight back home.

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