Ship Spares logistics per On Board Courier

On Board Courier services are becoming more popular in the maritime industry. In this update, you will read how our partners use our services frequently to prevent their customers from major supply chain interruptions and financial consequences.

The industry
The maritime industry require the highest standards of logistics. Nevertheless, interruptions always occur. MYOBC is specializing in time-critical logistics for the maritime industry. The maritime industry has an indispensable role in keeping global supply chains intact. Interruptions within the maritime supply chain, can have very large consequences.

Our maritime partners have broad, worldwide networks. Whenever they get noticed that a ship is stuck and isn’t able to sail out, all options are considered to get the ship sailing again. It occurs very often that a tailor made logistics solution is the most efficient way to minimize the consequences of not being able to sail out.

In these cases, it is very important to receive the right spare parts in the right time. This results in being able to repair or replace whatever is needed to get the ship sailing again. Our custom made solutions make it able to have spare parts delivered from Europe to all major ports in the world, having solutions from the pick-up (in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) until the delivery on a deck of a ship.

End-to-end services to the key ports of the world
When using our On Board Courier services, you may expect end-to-end services to all the key ports of the world: Singapore (SG), Busan (KR), Shanghai (CN-SH), Panama (PA) and Gibraltar (GI), Los Angeles (US) and Houston (US). We understand the needs and wants in the maritime industry and you can expect very secure and fast solutions.

✔️ Tailor made quotes within 15 minutes
✔️ Customs clearances and support
✔️ 24/7/365 control tower & constant updates & tracking of your shipment(s)
✔️ 100% personally supervised from door-to-deck

Facing a logistical challenge at the moment? Our team is here to help you out. Contact us via +31 23 75 19 580 or e-mail us on (reply within 5 minutes).

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