Ship Spares

MYOBC is a global time-critical logistics provider in the maritime industry. With an extensive portfolio of innovative and integrated solutions, MYOBC delivers efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental sustainability to enhance the business of its customers. We understand like no other how important it is to keep the supply chain in the maritime/offshore industry moving. In order to safeguard the interests of our customers, MYOBC, therefore, provides custom-made innovative time-critical solutions such as: On Board Courier & Charter Solutions. To deliver urgent ship spares as fast as possible worldwide, even in the most remote areas from door-to-dock to keep the dynamics within the industry going.


MYOBC is your reliable partner when it comes to time-critical ship spares, this means smaller components to even larger spare parts such as complete vessel turbos. Our operations team is in direct contact with the maritime industry on a daily basis. From a problem with an Oil Tanker in Abu-Dhabi to a delayed bulk carrier in Gibraltar or a stranded LPG tanker off the coast of West Africa. No challenge is too big for our dedicated 24/7 operations team.

Within the maritime industry, we offer various solutions. Our primary market segments are:
- Offshore
- Merchant Vessels
- Cruise Ships
- Ferries
- Yachts
- Navy and Military
- Dredging Vessels
- Fishing Vessels
- Special Vessels

We integrate our global network and expertise in time-critical logistics to offer our customers the fastest and safest solutions for all their time-critical and logistical challenges.

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