13 September 2023

Case study

Keeping an automotive supply chain running between Germany and the USA

Case Study: Time-Critical Automotive Shipment


In the highly competitive automotive industry, efficient supply chain management is crucial to meet production deadlines and customer demands. This case study explores a time-critical shipment within a major automotive manufacturer, spanning two continents – from Germany to the United States. This shipment was integral to maintaining the production timeline at the company’s manufacturing facilities in both countries.

Client Background

Our client is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers with major production facilities in Germany, and the United States. They are known for their commitment to innovation, quality, and timely delivery of vehicles to markets around the globe. Any delay in its delivery could have a cascading impact on production schedules.

The request

The client’s production schedule in Detroit was heavily dependent on the arrival of the OBC shipment from Frankfurt. The OBCs were manufactured in Frankfurt and needed to reach the assembly line in Detroit within a specified timeframe to maintain production continuity.


With very good connections between Frankfurt and Detroit, we were able to offer solutions that would guarantee a timely arrival.  With quoting the right option, we provide the following services to be able to operate the shipment as smooth as possible.

1. Route Planning: Careful route planning was undertaken to identify the most efficient and time-effective transportation route. As this was an outsized and heavy automotive shipment, we choose for the most reliable airlines when it comes to baggage handling, to ensure safety at all times. With GPS-tracking, we’re always aware of the location of the shipment, even when checked in.

2. Customs Compliance: in collaboration with our client and involving parties, we facilitated all necessary customs documentation and procedures to ensure a smooth transition across international borders. As the shipment was time-critical, we had to make sure that customs clearance was arranged timely to prevent any delays on arrival.

3. Real-time Tracking: the client received our real-time and personalized status updates to monitor the shipment’s progress. Any step in the process was addressed promptly.

4. Communication: Continuous communication between the logistics company, the client, and relevant stakeholders ensured that everyone was informed about the shipment’s status.

The results

The time-critical OBC shipment was executed flawlessly, ensuring timely delivery in Detroit, seamless production integration, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately, client satisfaction with the logistics company’s professionalism and adherence to strict timelines.

This shipment illustrates the critical role of efficient logistics and supply chain management in the automotive industry. The successful time-critical OBC shipment from Frankfurt to Detroit showcased the importance of careful planning, reliable transportation modes, and effective communication in ensuring that production schedules are met. The client’s ability to maintain production continuity and meet market demands was made possible through a well-executed logistics solution. This case serves as an example of how strategic partnerships with logistics experts can significantly benefit automotive manufacturers in their quest for timely and efficient production.


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