15 November 2023

Case study

Automotive production standstill resolved in Tokyo

Challenging request from Slovakia to Japan

A leading automotive manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan, faced a critical production standstill due to the unavailability of a crucial component from their supplier in Slovakia. The component, an advanced electronic control unit, was essential for the production of a new line of vehicles.

With the production line halted, the company was at risk of significant financial losses and damage to its new line of vehicles.

Our solution

The traditional shipping methods available would not meet the urgent timeline required to resume production. Air freight, though fast, still involved customs clearance delays and standard processing times. In such a case, a quicker solution was necessary.

The automotive manufacturer turned to our on-board courier (OBC) service to expedite the delivery of the electronic control units. Our OBC service involved a dedicated courier physically accompanying the shipment from Vienna to Tokyo, bypassing the usual shipping delays.

The choice was made based on the urgency of the situation and the need for a reliable and rapid solution.

Cooperation with the automotive manufacturer

In response to a critical production standstill in Tokyo, we, MYOBC, were engaged by the manufacturer. As a specialized On Board Courier (OBC) service provider with a proven track record in handling high-priority shipments, we collaborated closely to ensure we had the right documentation for customs clearance, minimizing potential delays.

Our team ensured the secure packaging of the electronic control units for air travel, and one of our experienced couriers was assigned to accompany the shipment, providing an additional layer of security. Through real-time tracking updates and constant communication between us and our client, we facilitated seamless monitoring, preventing any potential issues during the urgent shipment from Vienna to Tokyo.

The on-board courier shipment successfully reached Tokyo within an exceptionally short timeframe, allowing the automotive manufacturer to swiftly resume production. The timely delivery prevented extensive financial losses and helped maintain the company’s reputation for reliability.


  1. Minimized downtime: The use of our on-board courier service significantly minimized production downtime, reducing the impact on the company’s revenue and market standing.
  2. Reliability and speed: Our OBC service proved to be a reliable and swift solution, showcasing the importance of such services in critical supply chain situations.
  3. Prevention of interruptions: The manufacturer’s ability to resolve the crisis quickly demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction and reinforced its reputation for responsiveness.

The successful resolution of the automotive production standstill through the use of an on-board courier highlighted the importance of agile and efficient logistics solutions in the face of unforeseen challenges. This case study underscores the critical role that our OBC services can play in maintaining the continuity of operations in time-sensitive situations within the global supply chain.


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