13 October 2022

Case study

Delivery of Oil & Gas components to Georgetown, Guyana

Oil & gas projects require the highest standards of logistics management because of it’s complexity, remote locations and very intensive supply chain demands. Custom made logistic solutions are often beneficial for the oil & gas industry, due to its clear transit times and fast and secure characteristics.

In this case, a technical issue occured in Guyana by one of our Oil & Gas clients. Guyana is known for its recently grown Oil & Gas industry and it’s high demands in components to keep the industry running. As the technical issue from one of our clients in Guyana was very critical, they challenged us to be there as quick as possible. The required components were stored at a supplier in Zeeland, The Netherlands.

Guyana’s Oil & Gas discovery
That we received a request to deliver Oil & Gas components in Guyana was no coincidence, as Georgetown’s and Guyana’s Oil & Gas revenues have been booming since the discovery of enormous amounts of oil off the shore of Guyana. This comes along with growing demands in logistic services and supply chain management.

We got the approval very fast and went to Zeeland (Netherlands) to pick-up the shipment. While we immediately started this pick-up process, our operations team managed to get the most efficient and safe routing to make sure that one of our On Board Couriers arrived as soon as possible in Guyana.

In this case, our experienced courier had to fly directly to Bridgetown, Barbados. At Barbados, the courier transitted to fly to Guyana. Within the process, the shipment was constantly supervised and we were in good contact with the airlines to make sure the shipment was being handled as safe as possible.

As every single minute counts in those kinds of shipments, we take the security and safety of the shipment very serious when checking possible routings, especially with transits.

On arrival
When arrived in Guyana, our courier handled the customs clearance at the airport of Georgetown, Guyana (GEO Airport). He drove the last mile by car to the Oil & Gas site where they were expecting the delivery. After delivery, the engineers were immediately able to get to work with the required Oil & Gas components.

Transit time
This time-critical solutions resulted in a transit time of 21 hours in total, from receiving the request until delivery on site. The receiving party couldn’t believe how fast the desired parts were on site. The result? Minimizing supply chain and operational interruptions and a very happy customer!


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