14 August 2023

Case study

Resolved an AOG situation at JFK Airport (CPH-JFK)

Ensuring operational continuity for a leading airline at JFK Airport, from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Operational disruptions in the aviation industry can have far-reaching consequences, impacting schedules, passenger satisfaction, and financial performance. This case study showcases MYOBC’s proficiency in swiftly addressing Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations through the deployment of an On-Board Courier (OBC) from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), enabling an urgent spare parts delivery to restore aircraft operationality.

Airlines operate in a highly time-sensitive environment where even the smallest delays can cause significant ripple effects. A major airline encountered an AOG situation when a technical issue grounded one of its aircraft at JFK. This unexpected downtime resulted in a flight cancellation for a scheduled flight that day. The aircraft was scheduled to perform another flight within short notice. The stakes were high as another cancellation could lead to substantial financial losses and operational disruptions.

OBC Solution by MYOBC: MYOBC, renowned for its expertise in urgent logistics, was engaged to resolve the AOG challenge. MYOBC quickly devised a comprehensive solution, dispatching an experienced On-Board Courier (OBC) to transport the vital spare parts from CPH to JFK.

  • Rapid Response: MYOBC promptly coordinated with the airline to comprehend the spare parts requirements and the urgency of the situation.
  • OBC Expertise: A dedicated and knowledgeable OBC was assigned to hand-carry the crucial spare parts onboard a commercial flight from CPH to JFK.
  • Secure Handling: The OBC ensured the safe and secure transportation of the spare parts throughout the journey.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: MYOBC’s team maintained continuous oversight, offering real-time updates to the airline and ensuring the seamless progress of the delivery.
  • Customs Coordination: MYOBC’s customs experts facilitated smooth customs clearance at both ends to expedite the delivery process.

MYOBC’s swift and efficient execution led to the timely arrival of the critical spare parts at JFK. The airline’s maintenance team promptly replaced the faulty components, enabling the aircraft to be operational in time for its scheduled flight the following day. This successful intervention prevented the airline from incurring substantial financial losses associated with flight cancellations and maintained its operational continuity.

By preventing flight cancellations and ensuring the aircraft’s readiness for its next scheduled flight, MYOBC’s intervention saved the airline a significant amount in potential losses. Additionally, the timely solution prevented passenger inconvenience and safeguarded the airline’s reputation.

MYOBC’s successful management of this AOG scenario through the deployment of an On-Board Courier exemplifies its commitment to efficient and reliable logistics solutions. The case study underscores the vital role that rapid, customized, and hands-on interventions play in sustaining operational excellence for airlines, safeguarding schedules, and preserving their reputation for reliability in the face of unforeseen challenges.


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